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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just popping to show you

Yep, that is me, just popping in to show you the finished quilts that I made with help from my friend Tarja and her daughter Jessica.  This first quilt is for Tarja's Mum.
 The second one is for Tarja's mother in law.  They both live in Finland but never see each other so it doesn't matter that they are made from the same block - only each one arranged differently.  
 Tarja has had them for a while to hand sew the binding but her brother is coming over tomorrow to collect them and he is going to Finland for a holiday and that certainly beats paying postage!  

Tarja was determined to get a picture of the three of us with the quilts but I hate photos of me so I cropped them - too bad!  There is only one photo of me that i approve of and that is my profile pic.  What I don't mind is flowers -and preferably bright coloured ones and I really like gerberas.   Tarja knows that and look what she and Jess gave me for making the quilts!  Lovely!
I have to run out now in the cold and dark and rain - blah - to collect Fly Boy from school social - a school social on a Tuesday night.  I know he is Year 11 but that makes no sense to me especially when it isn't even the last week of term or anything!  

Gumnuts here tomorrow and more Mum's taxi duties afterwards.  Hope I get some sewing in tomorrow night.

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. hahaha..you cropped yourself out of the picture??? too funny!!
    great flowers...nice picture of those LOL

  2. Beautiful quilts and I had to laugh about cropping yourself out of the picture. It is always more fun to show other people's photos instead of our own! LOL!

  3. great flowers and quilts. i am with you don't like pictures of me don't like to see that old woman

  4. I love the bright flowers!
    My husband told me I had better start letting people take my picture NOW because I'm not getting any younger, thinner, prettier, etc. like I keep hoping! (He actually said, "we are not....". He is very sweet to me despite what it sounds like!)

  5. Tarja and Jessica should be very proud of their quilts, they are lovely. Isn't the cropping tool wonderful?

  6. Lovely quilts. I don"t like photos much either!!!

  7. Jan-Maree, the quilts turned out great! You received such a pretty reward.

  8. Great quilts, Jan-Maree! It never ceases to amaze me how just turning a few blocks makes a whole new arrangement!

    I understand about pictures of yourself! There are very few taken of me that I like! But...I have come to realize that even "bad" pictures will be a priceless treasure in the years to come!



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