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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanks for the comments

It is so much more fun to spend the day, or however long, working on something and then post a photo on your blog and, joy of joys, get comments.  When, like me, you tend to work in isolation a lot of the time, sewing bees being the obvious exception, having a blog is a lovely way to share what you are doing.  I am still a blog novice though so if anyone out there reads this and can give me a hint I would appreciate it.  When someone comments - is there any way you can reply to their comments?  I thought about leaving a comment on their page but then it would be out of context wouldn't it?  Anyway, any hints gratefully received!

Not much sewing done today.  Made the binding for two of yesterday's quilts - binding was already cut and just needed to be sewn.  I managed to take one of those bindings and sew it onto one of the quilts so I can give it to my quilt group buddy,Del, tomorrow to do the hand sewing.  I avoid hand sewing bindings if I can as I have arthritis in my hands (most annoying).  Luckily for me there are a couple of ladies in the group who quite like hand sewing and are happy to do some for me!  That reminds me - I must make some thank you cookies for them. 

Don't you love this quilt? It is the stripey one from yesterday but the details didn't show up in the other photo.  My girlfriend, S, made it for her grandson but the daughter-in-law said no thanks we don't want quilts so the grandson never got it. S is donating it to Quilts for Keeps instead and although that is a great cause I think it is such a shame that she can't give it to her grandson.  Some little boy is just going to love it!

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