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Saturday, November 27, 2010

At last....inspiration!!!

Want to hear a funny story?  This year I challenged my quilting group to a small project-  Decorate a plain wooden coat hanger in time for our Christmas Kris Kringle Lunch.  And they moaned at me....and moaned at me....
And they were still moaning at me at last meeting on the 24th of November which was our last meeting before our Kris Kringle Lunch on the 8th of December. 

The first funny thing is that one of the girls asked me where I bought the plain coat hangers from.  Then she said that she had to thank me as she hadn't thought she would enjoy doing hers, but she had, and now thought they would make a great gift for her work mates.  That really made everyone else moan!  "Don't encourage her!" they cried.
However, the real funny thing is that, with less than two weeks to go til the 8th, I was still searching for inspiration for my own coat hanger cover!

Finally I had an idea.  Nanna's vintage lace!  Years ago, before I was as madly into textiles and sewing as I am now, when I was just "into vintage things" my Nanna Mac gave me a bag full of vintage lace that she had
collected.  Some day after Christmas I will photograph the rest of it to share but for now this is the selection I have chosen to use on the coat hanger.  I wouldn't use the vintage lace for just anyone, but it is easy to share it with people who you know will really appreciate it!  I am going to use the lace to the right, which is the same as the top lace in the photo below to make an edge.  One of the other two pieces of lace, shown in the final two photos, will be used to applique across the top of the coat hanger.

The widest lace in the picture to the left is, according the old notes in my Nanna's hand writing, is Maltese lace.

I am not sure what else I will do to finish off the coat hanger but now I am looking forward to moving ahead with the project!!!

 I would never hear the end of it if I was the only one not to complete the coat hanger!  The shame would be unbearable!

Thankfully that won't be the case now.  And Nanna would be so pleased!  Miss you Nanna!!!

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