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Thursday, November 25, 2010

more progress....

Worked solidly today for the time that I had and managed to get the quilt top finished and I am really relieved to say that I love it because initially I had a bit of a challenge arranging the blocks so that I liked the balance.  If I had my time over I would have made a different number of certain coloured blocks but I worked with what I had and what I could get so there you go.  i wont take a photo of it tonight as it has been folded up all evening as I took it with me to choose the backing and I am way too tired to iron it tonight.

What I have photographed for you tonight are the place mats that I have been working on.

 I have finished the stitching on the pink ones and am dying to finish the blue ones but everyone knows that if you keep sewing when you are tired you will make mistakes so I am being sensible - ugh!!!.....
But as soon as I get the necessities done tomorrow and am going to get back onto them.  I am hoping to finish the place mats tomorrow, get the potholders done on Saturday and finally on Sunday layer and quilt the quilt!  I swear I am going to start my Christmas sewing sooner next year!!
Will someone please remind me!

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