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Friday, November 19, 2010

busy days!

Oh boy!!!  Busy days.  Out to lunch on Wednesday for my birthday with my sister.  Out to lunch on Thursday, my actual birthday, with my girlfriend.  Phone calls all morning and afternoon from friends and relatives which was lovely but meant I didn't get to much done - but who cares!  The best birthday present I received was a good quality travel iron - might not sound very exciting to you but for me, with arthritis, it is perfect as it is so much lighter and easier for me to use.  I always give my husband a wish list because he wants to buy me things I really want and that makes it easier for him - and the iron was at the top of my list.

In the mean time I have also been sewing as much as possible in order to complete the ever growing list of Christmas sewing.  I have just counted up - I have 31 potholders, 6 apron and potholder sets, one quilt and three bags to sew before Christmas.  my sewing table is currently buried under a big pile of potholders - they are mostly ready to be quilted with the binding and hanging tabs made and ready for use.  Phew,  a lot of batting needed to be cut - glad most of that is done.

I have managed to complete an apron and a few potholders so far.  No photos till Sunday I think.  too tired tonight - it is already after 11pm.  Tomorrow I have to wake Fly Boy and Guitar Hero in time to get them to the dentist at ten.  Then go fabric shopping with a girlfriend who wants to make a wedding quilt for her daughter and then come back home collect husband (The Frequent Flyer) and Guitar Hero and go to look at a guitar that is on someone's Christmas list!  Then collect my birthday cake from the bakery and finally, dinner with four other families of friends.  Big day but lots of fun.  No time for pics though.

Talk to you Sunday.


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