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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tarts and Treats Photos

I promised photos and here they are -
 The colour is not very accurate and I don't know how to improve it but these pink cakes are actually a stronger peach colour and the yellow below is a stronger custard yellow.  Both cupcakes are sprinkled with edible glitter.  I would like to take credit for the sugar decorations but i actually ordered them online from www.theraspberrybutterfly.com.au  and was really pleased with how they were packaged and how quikly they arrived so I would definitely do that again!
 These are custard tarts.  I cheated and bought the tart cases but who cares.  They still taste divine!
 And these are chocolate mousse tarts.
I made two dozen tiny scones with jam and cream too but I didn't photograph them as one scones looks much like any other so there didn't seem much point.  It is really hot and sticky here today so I am really hoping that the cakes arrive at their destination without the icing melting off!!
Wish me luck!

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