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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Got some finished - Yay!

Phew!  Busy weekend but a good weekend and at last a few potholders reaching completion.  I still have more to make but they are getting there.  I have to have some finished for the 7th of December when my boys finish school and some are going to favourite teachers. And another 24 have to be finished for the 8th when my quilt group has our annual Christmas Lunch - now that is a fun day!  these are what I have finished so far!
 These are made from a canteen bandanna - I quite like them and will definitely buy more bandannas to make some more - bandannas for a good cause too!
 This set of three will go together - they are made to make the most of the scraps.  Just love the Eiffel Tower fabric. 

 More scraps but I really love the colours!
 These are for a member of our quilt group who now lives in Chicago - hence the Aussie bird fabric.  We are making up a parcel for her for Christmas.
 I have no idea why these three photos have turned on their side and not the others!  No idea at all! 

 These are made for a favourite teacher - he told me story about having a few minutes to rest in the garden before going to another commitment and being joined by a cheeky sulphur crested cockatoo. I thought these would make a good memento for his experience.
Next year I am going to do more pieced potholders using traditional blocks and scraps.  I will start earlier in the year and set a goal for every month.  That way I can enjoy making them instead of having to hurry.

Okay, back to sewing.....potholders are waiting......

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