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Friday, November 12, 2010

At ten o'clock on Wednesday night my son, Fly Boy (Twin 1) sat talking to me at the kitchen table after getting home from Airforce Cadets.  He asked if I knew that the Japanese teacher from school was leaving for good and I asked him if he wanted to give her something and of course he said yes.  I knew she wasn't staying till the end of the year so I phoned the school the next morning (Thursday) to find out how long I had to make her something and guess what!!!  The next day would be her last day!   Gasp!!!  Thursday was not a quiet day.  I had to drive both sons, Fly Boy and Guitar Hero (Twin 2) an airforce cadet uniform, complete with hat that can't be packed, and an electric guitar to school.  Then I had to get my favourite pair of glasses repaired, grab some groceries and then head off to Mazda to have a car door handle repaired (it had come off in my hand!!!).  Then go home for a couple of hours before going back to school (about a 45 minute drive) to collect the same passengers as before and then spend my evening driving one to and from Keyboard lessons (an hour and a half out of my evening).  As I said GASP!  I decided that the Japanese teacher warranted Japanese fabric and seeing as I had been fiddling with a Christmas Star Mug Rug (by Tacha Bruecher and featured in the Fat Quarterly Holiday Issue) I decided that was the perfect achievable gift.

A quick visit to the fabric shop and found the perfect fabric, off to get the car fixed and then straight home.  Never mind the other jobs I was supposed to be doing, I started fussy cutting and piecing before heading back to the school.  On the way home from school I shaved thirty minutes off my travelling time as Fly Boy  decided that he wasn't feeling too well so instead of taking him to Bible Study we came straight home.  Half an hour's extra sewing time.  Changed the dinner menu to something much quicker to put together, more sewing time and YAY!!!  finished the Mug Rug just in time to cook dinner, eat it and head off for the Keyboard lessons with Fly Boy.

Now I just have to hope that Fly Boy remembered that the gift was in his backpack and that he remembered to hand it in at the front office this morning so that the teacher will actually get it!  I will let you know next post!

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