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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok, yesterday (or was it the day before) there were no photos, but as of tonight I have finally managed to get all the applique pieces ironed ont the aprons and pot holders that I am making for my sister, her son, two daughters and boyfriend and girlfriend in law.  I wish I could be there when they open the parcel but I think I am going to have to insist on them taking a photo of them all wearing their new aprons.  The boys' aprons are just simple with their names on them but for potholders they are each getting one with a comic sheep on it and one with a comic cow on it.  One of them is learning to cook so I am thinking of adding "L"s to the back of his just for a laugh.  The girls aprons all have pictures from various Art to Heart Books.  (http://www.arttoheart.com/ )  Love those books!  I didn't have time to photograph the girls' potholders but I will do that next time.  They all coordinate with their aprons so you shoudl get an idea from the photos.  hope you like them.  I can't wait to start sewing.....  but it is bedtime so that will have to wait another day....

 My sister's
 Nephew and boyfriend's potholder
 Nephew and boyfriend's potholder

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