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Monday, November 22, 2010

and yet more potholders

 Still going on the potholders but at least the pile is shrinking.  The above set is for my in-laws.  My mother-in-law asked for pale blue/pale yellow and it is a pity that the pattern doesn't show up better in the photo but this is a really pretty flower block and I have actually quilted it in a flower pattern.  I think she will be pleased with them.

 This set is for another member of my quilt group, but this one is just about to move only she is up in the air as to whether she is moving to Queensland where they have a holiday home, or to Singapore with her husband's job.  Either way she knows she is moving away from here and has started to downsize her fabric collection.  I store all the groups communal fabrics and she dropped off several bags to me including a big bag full of a rainbow of homespuns.  She had bought it years ago to make a specific quilt but never got around to it so I thought it would be nice to at least make her some potholders from some of it.
These are fairly simple but they are for the faith and life teacher at my sons' school.  he is leaving at the end of the year and one of my sons wants to give him a going away gift (the other is too embarrassed to do so).  I did some investigating and learned that he is a keen cook so I have made him a set of potholders and a matching apron.  I think the fabric is masculine enough.

Tonight I am going to work on an orange set for a girlfriend who says she hates orange.  I will give them to her and then tell her she can choose whichever she likes from a collection of non-orange ones!  She will get a laugh out of it!

Hopefully by Wednesday my potholders will be done and I will be ready to return to the appliqued aprons I am making for family.......

Back to work.......

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