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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scrap Happy Again!

Today is my Scrap Happy Sunday - couldn't do it yesterday as there was too much to do but I did manage to get the cutting out done on Friday night so today whenever I have had a chance I started sewing these.
 Then I added one of these to each...
 And ended up with a bunch of these which needed ......
some of this to be done.  Yuck.  I hate this part!
 Unfortunately I still have these that need to be trimmed but I had enough trimmed ones to
 add to this and get a picture of how this is going to turn out!
This is still a bit of a mystery quilt - not quite sure that this will be the final layout and I may have to swap out this two pale blocks - or add a few more in.   Feel free to chime in if you have any suggestions  It is always great to hear what the bloggie community says! I also have to work out how many squares I have left and how big thewill make the quilt.  That will have to wait till next week.  I have lots of other non-Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing to do in the mean time.

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. Like the layout---------looking good!

  2. I like the the light/dark - makes me think of sun and shade.

  3. Love the layout... love the colour combo... it sparkles xxx

  4. I'm with you about the trimming...one of my least favorite steps! But always well worth it in the end.


  5. When I see something like this I'm a bit glad I don't use a machine. I think it could become addictive.

  6. This is really pretty. I love how the star is offset from the middle.


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