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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still Quilting....

Ok, so here is the result of the sneak peak from last night.  Yep, it is another one of those cute little bags.  I just love 'em!  This one is for me as I realised that I need something to carry my sewing notions and other bits and pieces to and from my sewing class. 
 This zigzag fabric is one of my favourites and you can't go wrong with red and white in my book.

Since I finished making the red,blue and yellow crocheted blanket that I had been working on for YEARS (like 15!) I have started another granny square rug.  I keep the makings in the car and work on the blocks any time I am sitting in the car waiting - and with kids to taxi about, that happens regularly enough.  This is what I am up to so far. I will also be making green, blue, purple and variegated blocks.   No rush to finish this rug.  It may take another 15 years but I doubt it!

I have been working hard for the late part of this afternoon and tonight to catch up on all the quilting that I want to do.   I managed to get the lion's share of the quilting done on the last three quilts that have been waiting for attention.  First up I got stuck into the second Mystery Quilt. 
 This pic gives you a better look at the quilting. 
Next came my cherry quilt for Japan. I am a bit later doing this than i wanted to be but I figured that there would still be a need.  I conformed that with Tanya who lives in Japan and she has put me in touch with a friend of hers who has contacts in the North of Japan who is still handing out quilts.  You can't see the quilting on this one because the fabric is so busy and the thread blends but so far i have just stitch ed around the six big blocks and the border. I need to sew in some thread and then i will do more quilting.  Not sure what yet.

And finally I worked on my Sherbet Pips quilt.
The quilting doesn't stand out on this one either but I have just stitched down each row and around the edge.  Once again I want to get rid of some of the ends before I quilt any more.  I may change thread colours and do a stipple (if I am feeling very brave) or circles (still brave) or I may do a grid. Will see how my hands are feeling. 
That is all for me tonight - till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. Very nice, what a good feeling to get the quilting done on quilts. That is the least favorite part of quilting, wish there was a quilt fairy that came in at night. Maybe I need to talk to Cinderella and see if whe will loan me her fairy, seems to me she was a whiz with needle and thread..

  2. I'm glad this isn't a race because I would be losing for sure. You have been super productive. I am now putting together a runner using the mis-matched blocks and it is a bit of a challenge to arrange and sew so I am wondering how you did it by machine.

  3. That little bag is so cute! I agree, love red and white! You are so good...crochet and me just don't get along very well together!


  4. Your granny squares are very cute xxx

  5. What a blessing you are to so many people - Irish charities, quilts for Japan, mothering Guitar Hero...... You deserve to do something for yourself!

  6. What fun fabric in your bag! I was reading your previous post too and so agree with your statement about how blogging motivates us to accomplish things...so much inspiration out there and I have personally found that my skills in observation have improved...always thinking about how something might apply to the next blog entry.
    Good for you on all you have done and congrats on the 200th post.

  7. Another cute bag! Can't ever have too many. Love your granny squares I used to make them a long time ago.

  8. Your bag turned out really cute - love the red and white fabrics. Now you will have some red/white scraps to use for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge??!!

  9. Ah, those granny squares bring back memories from childhood. My grandmothers both had afgan's made of granny squares on the backs of their sofas. I guess everyone did back then, I just remember my grandmother's. They were never used! Heavens, no! They were "for decoration," and we were never to touch them. Of course, I had to put my little fingers in the holes when no one was looking!


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