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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It has been a while!!!

It sure has been a while......since I made any clothes!

I have put aside my Christmas quilt today for a special project.  I will get back to it tomorrow.

 My husband was in his hometown of Melbourne for work last week and spent some time with his family one night.  Our niece was very proud to show him the windcheater that she was wearing.  It used to belong to one of my boys - bear in mind that they are now 6ft plus and 15 years old and she is in kindergarten!  Her older brother inherited it first and now it has been passed down to her.  Sadly she has pretty much grown out of it - Well and trully grown out of it actually, but apparently won't part with it.  It is supposed to be long sleeved!!!
 I can't believe she can still get into it!  My sister in law wondered if I still had the pattern and could I make a bigger size.  Well, it has been so long since I made clothes for my boys that I had to buy a new pattern.  Lucky it is a basic style.  Then I went in search of fleece.  The first shop I went to only had yucky colours, I phoned a third and they only had brown fabric with horses all over it and finally the third was a gold mine.  All their fleece were Disney fabics but this little girl LOVES the Disney princesses so the fabric I chose was a no-brainer!
Her favourite princess is Snow White so she is on the pocket and the hood.  I cut the rest out trying to make sure there was a princess on each piece.  That wasn't easy as they are quite big princesses and the pieces are quite small - I had to cut out a cotton pattern of each piece and lay them all on the fabric before I cut anything out to make sure that everything fitted with the appropriate picturs on each piece.  That was the hard part - sewing it was the easy part! 

Hopefully it fits nicely when she gets it- but it has got to be a better fit that the one she is currently wearing!

That is all from me tonight..................happy stitching!


  1. Very well done and cute for a cute little girl. When I was a kid we called them kangaroo jackets!

  2. She is a cute little girl and looks very proud to be wearing the sweater. Her new one is just adorable. What a lucky little girl to have her aunt sew for her. You did a great job.

  3. Clothes sewing is so different from quilting! I used to sew clothes all the time, but not now. The few times I do, that seam allowance looks huge! How nice that the original lasted so long. She'll love the new one!


  4. Very cute... I wonder if we will get a photo in several years time once again in a ''small'' hoodie hehehe xxxx

  5. I understand LaDonna's big seam allowance quip! I tend to cut the fabric a tad smaller so I can sew a 1/4 inch seam! As long as it still fits I'm happy. Love that little windbreaker. I may have to stitch up a few for the little grand-daughters.

  6. I remember the day when I sewed almost all of my daughter's and my clothes----------glad those days are over. Now I sew things that don't have to fit! Think your niece will love her new shirt, but she may not give up the old one.

  7. It's lovely, I'm sure she'll love it. You make me want to do a little garment sewing, but I don't know if I remember how, lol.


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