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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Tale of Little Miss Cup Cake Maker

But first an update...

I have been doing lots of sewing yesterday and today.  I have finished quilting my two Mystery Quilts and have sewn the binding on both of them so I guess they are not so mysterious any more.  I have also finished quilting the Sherbet Pips Quilt with quilting and binding and the same with my quilt for Japan.  Yippee!!!  I still have to end off some threads but that can be done some time when I am sitting in front of the TV. 

I spent heaps of time cutting out tonight while "watching" the movie "Troy" ................a bit of hunky eye candy but otherwise VERY boring!  And again not my choice!  I cut out some Aussie fabric potholders and bags and cut some more squares for my current Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.

Yesterday I also did a heap of baking - egg and bacon pie, a new chocolate brownie recipe, lemonade scones and Mars Bar Slice.  And......I didn't take any photos. I meant to but i was so pooped after it was all over that I forgot.   I think I have shared the Bacon and Egg Pie before but if I haven't let me know and I will include photos and recipe next time.  I know I have given you the recipe for lemonade scones before though.  I also think everyone has probably tried Mars Bar Slice before but if not let me know - just be warned.......it is deadly!  Really really moreish!    The brownie recipe however is brand new.....but no-one has tasted it yet.  Yep, that is right...my boys have been offered fresh brownie after dinner and warm brownie with vanilla ice cream but they "haven't felt like chocolate" - NOW you see why I cook for others so often!  I gave some of the brownie to Guitar Hero's gorgeous guitar teacher - sweet 22 year old single guy who lives on his own in the city.  He enjoys getting my cooking.  I also gave some more of the brownies to another friend who needed a treat.  If they try it and report favourably then I will post the recipe.

It is ten thirty now and I am too tired to go around taking photos of anything but I have one special photo to share with you.  Today I visited one of my quilt group friends and while there she showed me something she and her five year old grand daughter made yesterday.  Events conspired for her yesterday with other grand kids being occupied etc and she and her gorgeous little one managed to complete a totally spontaneous project. 

Little Miss C disappeared to Grandmama's sewing room, found some fabrics that were to her taste and called out to Grandmama to come and make a cupcake quilt.  I have to add the most of the fabrics were sparkly ones that grandmama had been sent and never used but they were perfect for Little Miss's taste!  

Little Miss drew a picture, Grandmama showed her how to trace it onto Visoflex, gave her scissors and let her cut it out and then they positioned the pieces and Grandmama ironed them in place.  Then Little Miss C found some RICKRACK!!!!!!    Oh my Goodness!!!  Joy of Joys!    Grandmama did the sewing, closely supervised and was eventually told "you are really quite good at this Grandmama".  Altogether now "Awwwww!"  How cute!

And finally the result!  HOW CUTE IS THIS - A Miss C Original!!!!  And she is only 5!!!!

Well, that's it for me tonight.  Till next time, Happy stitching!


  1. Wow have you been busy not only quilting but cooking! Love the little cupcake wallhanging and story. The rick rack makes perfect candles.

  2. I will take some of those brownies, they all sound delish. A quilt star in the making. How wonderful to have a daughter/grandaughter that wants to share your love of fabric with you and especially at age 5.

  3. Very cute story - thanks for sharing!

  4. I see a successful quilt designer in the future! It is so cute! Definite "Awwww" factor!


  5. Hi Cherry :) All recipes please. Have a great weekend


  6. How sweet! Little girls are pretty clever when given the materials and the time! Good job!

  7. What a great story about Miss C. They made a beautiful cupcake quilt.

  8. SO cute!! I hope my little one will be just as interested in sewing at that age (though i only have a few years before I get there!). She already loves helping me pull the pins and watching me on the machine (I admit, I'm a little paranoid with her nearby as I often have the ON iron nearby!)
    All that cooking and sewing - what a busy busy lady you've been! I'm in awe of the amount you can get done!!

  9. Everything sounds yummy, but especially the scones. Low in salt and fat I suppose. Cute little cupcake quilt, she must be a special young lady.

  10. Oh I dare not let my grandaughter see that. She has no "off" button. You seem to have had a very productive time as well.


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