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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little extra and some little fruit

When I went shopping to buy the fleece for my niece's windcheater I also saw the same print in a cotton - a cheap, not very nice quality cotton but I suspect my niece will only have eyes for the princesses.  I bought half a metre and that gave me enough to make this - another of my favourite bags!
And I have enough leftover to get 6 x 6.5" squares out of the scraps featuring the princess for a charity quilt.  I also have a few pictures of the fleece princesses left over and I am planning a little experiment with them later  when I have time!!!

 I went out and raided my garden today. First I have picked all the remaining mandarins off my tree 
 They look great but they are mostly pretty small.  here they are - one of the biggest and one of the smallest sitting on my iphone.
 The taste great but there are one or two pips in EACH tiny segment so that makes them really hard to eat!  Bummer.  So, what to do with them?  I looked for and found a cake recipe that uses the whole mandarins but only about 300g of them.   That is just a fraction of what I have picked.  I refuse to make marmalade  firstly I don't like it and secondly I don't want to have to take out all the seeds.  I juiced a cereal bowl-full and ended up with 250ml of juice
 and this many seeds!    Hmmmm.  Still, the juice was yummy!
I also managed to pick a lovely bunch of daffodils - so nice to be able to grow these in my won garden!  They just look so cheerful!

Here's hoping I get a little sewing in today as well..........till next time.....Happy stitching!



  1. Lucky you - you must have very mild winters to be able grow citrus and daffodils. I want to move there!!!! Very cute bag for your niece - I think she will love it.

  2. wow! I can only dream of growing citrus fruit in our big far north!

  3. Citrus looks so good, love manderines-------I bought some tiny one at the market yesterday, the smallest I have seen. They are O.K. but no sweet enough for me.


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