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Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Busy Day

The guys came back again today to finish the pergola and so, once again, I got to work at my dining room table.  I spent a lot of time snips curves and corners on the aprons I sewed yesterday.  Then I had to turn them all the right way out and iron the seams.  Finally I did all the top stitching.  Just as the guys were finishing up I sewed the last one!  I thought I had cut out 12 but I had a baker's dozen instead.  Not complaining!

They aren't the greatest photos but it is late at night and I am too pooped to try and find somewhere better to take pics.  These show you the fabrics I chose and the next shows you the simple style.  Simple but effective as they are all lined so they give extra protection to whatever you are wearing underneath.

All the aprons are going to Ireland. A couple of people asked why I was sending stuff to Ireland and i realised that it is a while since I have explained and some of you might have missed it.     My girlfriend (from my air force days twenty plus years ago) is married to the assistant Ambassador for the Aussie Embassy in Ireland

Once a year all the international embassies get together and organise a bazaar – each country has a stall and the combined proceeds go to Irish charities. Last year was the first year that my girlfriend was involved and she wasn’t sure what she could contribute for the stall apart from baking some Aussie goodies so she asked her mother and I if we could contribute anything “made in Australia”. Well, my quilt group and I managed a quilt, a wall hanging, pot holders and aprons. This year I have a bit more warning so I am doing a bit more. Another quilt, potholders, aprons and this year bags in various styles and, hopefully, some Christmas decorations and maybe Christmas pot holders.  So that is why i am sending things to Ireland.

Tonight I got stuck into ironing the blocks for Miss Brooke's signature quilt.  She is the daughter of one of my best friends and she is departing on a school exchange program for the States in late August for five months.  What a lucky girl!  Last night I cut all the spare triangles off the corners off the blocks I sewed yesterday and now they look like this
After today the blocks are all pressed and up on my design wall.  At first I arranged them like this
But it just didn't do it for me so I re-arranged them like this
Much better.  I may fiddle with them so more, or not, I will see.   The fabric down the side was going to be the backing and some of it will be but I think it will also be a border as well to tie in all the colours.  I have a companion print for the binding but I think I will add that to the backing to make up what I use for the borders on the front and will use a plainer fabric for the binding.

The time I have left tonight is going to be spent ironing those spare triangles.  I think they are going on the back as well as pinwheels........I think....
Well, that is all for me tonight - a bit of ironing then bed I think - I am pooped.
Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. Great job getting all of that done! I think I like the second layout for the quilt top better too - it has a softer look. Thank you for explaining the Ireland bit - I was also wondering.

  2. Thanks for the explanation!
    I like both layouts. You can't go wrong. It's going to be gorgeous!

  3. I have to say I do like both layouts too, so I don't think it really matters which way you go with it - it will be gorgeous however you decide to finish it! And well done on all that sewing for Ireland!! That's amazing!

  4. Wow, you get so much done in a day that I feel tired hearing about it !!LOL
    I liked the first layout, until I scrolled down and saw the second one! Love it !!

  5. Holy moley! No wonder you're pooped! Have you looked at the pile of work you've accomplished?!! I have the day off and all I've done is run 3 miles and taken a nap!! My sewing machine and I are having a staring contest!! Right now we're at an impasse!

    Nice job on the aprons and quilts! Don't forget pictures of your pergola - mostly so I can drool over your swimming pool!! Enjoy your next round of sewing and I'm looking forward to the pictures so I can live vicariously through all of your fabric goodness!! You're amazing!

  6. Another busy day-------you must just fall into bed, dog tired. What a wonderful group of projects. I like the quilt layout in the second picture.

  7. I like the second arrangement better too. That light fabric seems to just sparkle! Better to have a baker's dozen than come up short!


  8. You are so productive -- wowza! And if I can throw in my 2 cents: I really like the 2nd layout option (the diamonds). It's going to be a beautiful quilt!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin): I really, truly appreciate the feedback :)

  9. So much lovely stuff getting done... aprons are quite sweet.
    BTW what are we doing with July colour blocks? For me any colour/colours... what do you prefer?
    Have a good weekend...

  10. I'm for the second arrangement too. Are those blocks all signed?

  11. Hmm, I'm going to have to go with the first arrangement, if you are using the blocks for signatures. I like that the signatures will be separated from each other. Since it for the exchange student, it would be wonderful if her family and friends have the opportunity to sign the blocks. Really, though both layouts are very pretty and she'll love the quilt, I'm sure.

  12. Wow Jan-Maree. You have accomplished alot for one day. Love the second lay out. What a lucky girl to recieve such a spiecal quilt.


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