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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Well it is the Fourth of July and that brings back lots of lovely memories for me from my time in Conecticut.  If you haven't lived in America, you just don't know what it is like to be there for the holidays - like the Forth of July, Halloween Christmas and all the other less well known ones.  I loved it!  Forth of july was a time for picnics; with your family or your friends or even with the whole neighbourhood or town.  We would go to the local High School in nearby Darien, and sit on the lawns with most of the rest of the town, certainly with our friends.  We would have a picnic dinner and enjoy all the entertainment- kids things and music and then the grand finale would be the fireworks .....and they seemed to go on forever.  I just loved it!  It was so much fun and back then my boys, who are now way too cool (at 15) for anything and certainly don't want to be seen in public with us, were just little and loved it too.  Great memories.  So, to all my American friends, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY.    I hope you are creating some of your own wonderful memories too!

Busy day today.  Started early and got a pavlova in the oven.  Then moved on to make a very hearty beef, barley and vegetable soup.  A few other miscelaneous jobs needed doing and then it was time to get Guitar Hero, who is still impersonating Slug Boy, out of bed, into the shower and then into the car in time to collect his mate for the night.    Once home it was time to get Fly Boy out of bed and into shower and into car and out to the supermarket.  One of the boys' prefered options to snack on (and dine on if they had their way which they don't!) is chips.  So during the holidays my rule is if you want them you help with shopping and buy them.   That means once a week one of them has to come to the supermarket with me, help me get what I need, choose the chips for yourself and your brother and then help load the car, unload the car and carry the stuff inside.   Not too hard really?  (dont ask my boys the same question!)

When the shopping was finally bought and put away I managed to get a couple of hours to sew and spent that time quilting the quilt for Ireland and one of the Mystery Quilts.   I have nearly finished the Irish Quilt but need to finish off some ends before I do more and the same with the Mystery quilt.  That will be my job for the rest of the night. 

Some time during the afternoon I realised that it is the MIL birthday this weekend.  She has simpe desires - ABC Shop vouchers so she can buy a DVD or Book later as one takes her fancy.  I always like to send the voucher with something else so this time I have made her a little bag - you will never guess what style...........
Yep!  This is rapidly turning into my favourite bag to make.  I think she will be able to use this to carry whatever she is knitting at the moment.  Hopefully she will find some use for it.  I will get the gift voucher and card to go with it tomorrow and then my husband can get them in the mail and we will be all set for MIL's birthday.

That's all for tonight - time to find my self threading needles and get to work on the loose ends from the quilts so I can finish them tomorrow!  Happy stitching!


  1. I love reading about your Guitar Hero/Slug Boy! So funny! We raised three sons, so I understand exactly what it's like!
    While we're having our celebrations on the Fourth around here, enjoy your soup and sewing!

  2. Your boys sound like normal 15 years old males to me. Don't want to go to bed at night, don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Tough job buying groceries and carrying them in. I love your bags----original design?

  3. I'll never forget our first Fourth of July on the base in Germany...it was so cold I had to wear a thick coat and gloves to watch the fireworks! We can't have fireworks here because of the drought...bummer!

    I made going to the grocery store part of my son's schooling. I guess it helped more than I realized because he's a food scientist grad student now!

    Another lovely bag...I'm sure she'll enjoy it!


  4. I love the plan you have for your boys to help with the grocies. It has been so dry here with not much rain there is a burn ban. So we can not do fireworks here this year.

  5. Hi Jan-Marie just thought I would try a message again. Once more you have been very busy and I love that bag. Your soup sonds delicious and I agree with Betty Lou your boys just sound like normal teenagers late to bed layte to rise that's what school holidays are for.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  6. Yay Jan-Marie your solution worked. Thanks heaps for your suggestion. (((HUGS))) Roz

  7. If it weren't for the blogging world I would have forgotten all about those holidays. We get our fireworks in August and they are like the finale at Disney Land that goes on forever. Of course the crowds are something else at that time. How lucky I was to start with girls. They kept those boys in line and I had a breeze.(come to think of it, they kept me in line too)


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