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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Well, it is July and a new month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Last month's colour was Yellow and if you look here you can check out what the other scrap challengers made last month.   I worked on the flower blocks that I had been sewing progressively as the colour months passed and tied them all together with a yellow border. 

This month's colour is a bit different.  In honour of this being the 4th of July weekend the colour/s for this month are Red White and Blue if you are in America, or the colour appropriate to your country.  Well, we might have a red, white and blue flag, but unless you use those colours in the design of the flag, or incorporate the southern cross into your design, anything red white and blue just evokes thoughts of America (which doesn't worry me) and that doesn't achieve the aim of the challenge.  Strangely, our national colours are green and gold( for gum leaves and wattle flowers) but again we don't go around wearing green and gold for anything except sporting events etc.  On Australia Day you will see green and gold or you will see the Aussie flag, but the colours on their own aren't enough.  So, I have decided (now that I have probably thoroughly confused you!) that I am going to use my Aussie fabric scrap collection.  As I explained in my last post I am making things to send to Ireland so a few more Aussie themed things won't go astray.

So far today I have cut a bunch of scraps into 4 1/2 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch squares for use in future projects. probably potholders.  I have cut out a couple of small draw string bags too.  The main thing I have done today is this.
I had a whole bunch of 6 1/2 inch half square triangle squares leftover from the quilt we are making for Ireland so I cut up the rusty red and added that to the squares and made them all into half square triangles again.  Now the squares are all about 5 1/2 inches once I trim them all (so not my favourite step!!!).  If I use this layout that will make this about 30" square and I have plenty of fabric to add some extra top and bottom and make it about 40" wide and longer, maybe 50 or 60 inches.  What do you think?  I think I will make more half square triangles using more Aussie fabric and a different coloured homespun (as I have run out of the rusty red).  I would love to sit and trim the blocks today so I can sew this much together but my hands are too sore to trim today (darn arthritis).   I did 4 and decided I have to stop.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

It is movie night tonight.  We tried to get Guitar Hero (whose alternate name is SLUG BOY) to come out for dinner and a movie tonight but he can't see why we have to go out - why can't we just have a DVD and dinner at home - Boring!  But as the point of the exercise was to get him to agree to spend some time with us we are getting Chinese for dinner and a DVD!  Darling husband is choosing the DVD - hopefully he will choose something I will enjoy, or at least something without a lot of scream and chainsaws and blood!  So, not much more sewing today and I think tomorrow has to be spent tidying up as my sewing room is getting a bit too messy for my liking and it is getting in the way of the creative muse! 

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. Looks great! Hopefully, you got to watch a movie that you could enjoy.

  2. I love that block!! and how wonderful that you got to use leftovers! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment about my Cattywampus quilt over at Basket Full Of Scraps! I hope your husband picked a fun movie, I don't much like the screaming, bloody ones either. :)

  3. Guitar Hero has a alias-------perfect for a 15 year old boy. Do you think your hand hurts because you have been overdoing this week? I like the layout, don't know it it needs one more row around to finish out the square, but maybe I like it just as is. Good layout with HST. The rusty red is perfect.

  4. I love this!! The red really stands out, GREAT!!

  5. The block is beautiful! Great combination of colors.
    I understand about having hubby pick the movie.Mine doesn't go for blood and guts, but if you are not sitting on the edge of your chair, biting your fingernails that someone is going to drive off a bridge at 200 mph or fall off a cliff or blow up with a bomb, he thinks the movie is "moving too slow!". I like to relax with a movie. He likes to be energized!

  6. This looks really nice, Jan-Maree! Love the colors and all the possibilities with HSTs! Take care of those hands!


  7. I love how you layed out your quilt. The colors look wonderful together. I remember those days trying to get a teenager to go somewhere as a family.

  8. What a beautiful combination of colors. They make a great quilt. I always get bogged down on that trimming step as well. There has to be some short cut out there for that step.


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