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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOW 20 followers and three bags finished Hooray!!!

Wow!  20 followers!  How exciting.  Welcome to my world Yael!  Hope you enjoy the ride.  As I said a few nights ago, I love my blog as I am "meeting" lots of lovely crafty people and it is great, so inspiring and interesting.  My only problem?  Too many ideas but that's ok!  At least I won't be bored!

Now finally finished those three bags.  I haven't made this pattern before.  I had chosen it and bought the materials especially for them when my girlfriend said she really needed the girls to have bags that would be big enough to each hold a dozen books.  Her daughters love to go to the library and I think Tracey finds it a bit daunting to try and drag home all their books - I happen to know that one time the older one reserved thirty (yes, 30!) books at the library and her mother nearly died when she got to the counter and found what was waiting for her!  I love it!  Tracey and I were at High School together and let's just say Tracey was the last person who I  would have thought would have such a voracious reader for a daughter!

I think these bags will fit the bill! They are huge.  Before they are gathered up they are the width of the fabric by about 50" long!  They are called Fat Quarter Bags (as they are supposed to be made with six fatquarters on the outside) from M'Liss Rae Hawley's book "Fat Quarter Quilts".
It doesn't show up really well but the green bag and the third one have bali fabrics in the centre panel and I really like the colours.  I must do more with bali fabrics- I just add that to my list of things to do......
It is too late and too dark outside to go and find anywhere more interesting to take my photos so I decided to hang the third bag on this old set of drawers.  It sits behind my chair on my office and was made by my Dad back in the 60's I guess.  He didn't have much money but that didn't stop him.  He broke up old packing crates and tea chests - remember when everything was packed in tea chests instead of cardboard boxes? And he made these drawers.  These are the set that used to be in his office at work, he was a Primary School Principal.  He also made a set for my Mum that fit just inside her linen cupboard and that was where she stored all her sewing bits and pieces, threads, buttons etc.  He also made another for his shed and at least one other for one of my sisters.  This is the original one and I love it.  Each drawer is divided up into different little sections just the right size for all sorts of things.

Well, now that I have celebrated having twenty followers, shown you the new bags and my Dad's drawers it is well and truly time for me to hit the sack.  Only the quilt to complete now.  Phew.  I think that will be Friday and Saturday's task.  Tomorrow I had better do some other things, like shop for food!

Happy Stitching!


  1. You've been so busy and I love the bags.That's heaps of work in such a short period of time.
    The set of drawers your dad made are great, I can just imagine how useful it must be.
    Waiting for your next posting with the quilt...

  2. I think it's great that your friend's daughters are such voracious readers. Your bags are the perfect gift for them. Great job!

  3. Your bags are GA orgeous!!!! I love the Bali fabrics, too. My wish list seems to be growing more and more everyday...like today I found out Ty Pennington is designing fabric for Moda. He is a huge favorite here in the states from the ABC show Makeover Home Edition.

    I hope you are well. We still have about 6 inches of solid pack snow in the yard...you are welcome to come and get it ANY time you want.

    Wishing you and yours a happy New Year!!


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