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Monday, December 13, 2010

All done...

Now you might be sick of hearing about these pot holders and aprons and if that is the case then I am sorry but I just have to celebrate the fact that they are all finally completed!  They seem to have take a really long time to complete them but I guess I have done a lot of other bits and pieces in between times.  I am particularly ready to move onto something else though.  Not because I didn't enjoy doing them but because I am just ready - I want to finish my Christmas sewing coz I want to get onto to some gifts I have to make for January and then some fun stuff!

The first set is for my sister, the red set is for my nephew's girlfriend - her favourite colour is red.  I think it is my favourite too.

.This set is for, no prizes there, Joel.  He is my nephew and a real sweetheart.  If my sons turn out half as nice as him I will be delighted.
While I think of it if anyone can tell my why my photos sometime change orientation during the uploading process I would appreciate it.  All these photos were taken facing the same way and now I have some sideways and some right way up and I can't work out how to fix it.  Most annoying.  I hope you are not getting a stiff neck!
I had to find a pot holder design that wasn't too girly and as Joel helps out on his step dad's sheep farm regularly I figured the sheep was good and I loved the cow  so thought they made a great pair.

This set is for my niece - she just likes colours.  I can relate to that too.

This set is for, you guessed it, JACK.  He is my niece's boyfriend.
Everyone's potholders are plain on the back, except for Jack, as I have been reliably informed that he is learning to cook - so I figured "L" plates would be appropriate.  The two siblings live together with their respective partners so I suspect poor old Jack is about to receive a good bit of ribbing from the others.

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