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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kris Kringle Lunch Fun

Well what a day!  As per usual the Gumnuts had a great day together.  Took us ages to get thru swapping our coat hangers,choosing pot holders,  giving our Kris Kringle Gifts and then handing out the extra little presents that we seem to end up with every year.  It is always so much fun.

First the much bemoaned coat hanger swap.  It yielded some gorgeous ones and some very inventive ones!  I was as usual amazed by what everyone came up with!
 This one made with felt
 This a vintage doilie
 strip pieced
 fussy cut
 felt again
 embroidered with daisies
 knitted with wool that has long black strands
 prairie points
 red and white
 mine with vintage lace
piping and beautiful sewing
Would you believe that I completely forgot to take a photo of all the pot holders that everyone chose but never mind that would probably be a bit repetitive for you anyway.
Kris Kringle came next.  Here is my recipient with her bundle.
 One of the potholders and the pate I gave her were circling the room at the time but you get the idea.  i am already thinking about what to make for next year's recipient.  I have a few ideas......
And after all the goodies, Lunch!  Yum.  We started the day at 11ish and finally called it quits around four thirty - what a day!  and what a lot of fun!!!  and now to bed!

Good night!

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