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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Proud Mama and more Christmas sewing!

Before I start with any thing else please permit me a Proud Mama Moment..  Here we have Fly Boy, all dressed up in his Airforce Cadets and standing to attention during their End of Year Parade.  As an ex-Airforce officer myself, I never imagine my sons joining up themselves, and though this is only the cadets is still touches a special place in my heart to see him in the uniform I wore so proudly myself.  He is the cute fellow on the left.  He hopes to go to the Australian Defence Force Academy when he leaves school so this is great training for him.  Okay, proud Mama over.   

I have hardly stopped sewing in recent days  - well only when I have had to.  I am chewing thru the Christmas Presents - more potholders and I have finally finished all the sewing for the Tree of Joy - the place mats and pot holders are ready now and I am just waiting till I get the quilt back from my girlfriend who is doing the hand sewing on the binding.  I will have it on Wednesday so I will take a photo of everything completed then. 

My latest completed efforts are three place mats for a girlfriend of mine in America.  I bought three tea towel sets in K Mart that had Aussie animals embroidered on them.  They were so cute that I knew I had to do something with them.  Each set had a plain tea towel and the embroidered one.  I cut out the embroidered piece from each one and have used it in a place mat.  My girlfriend's family is just she and her husband and their cute little girl so three was just the right number.  I am really pleased with the result and I think I will do more of this kind of thing in the future when I find appropriate tea towels etc.  

I decided to dress up the remaining three tea towels with some Christmas appliques and they will all go to America together!

Tomorrow my girlfriends and their daughters are coming over to put the decorations on the Christmas Tree.  This is something we started doing about six years ago and we all love it.  Before they come I have to make a peach crumble, get in some drinks and icecream for dinner, and wrap all the gifts going to the boys' school on Monday.
Oops it is 1145pm - my bedtime way late - photos of finished bits tomorrow I promise and maybe I will throw in a photo of the tree.

Good night!

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