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Friday, December 10, 2010

At last 6 finished aprons

Thank goodness - six finished aprons.  I posted about these a little while ago. They are for my sister, her daughters and son and a boyfriend and girlfriend.  I can write about it none of them know I have a blog so they won't see this.  You can't really tell from the photo but they are just simple aprons with a strap around the neck and ties around the waist. I make them double thickness so you are even less likely to get stuff on your clothes (yes that is what I need!!!)

 All o the pictures came from various Art to Heart Books - currently my favourite pattern books - and I simply used homespun and pieces of my sister's hand dyed fabrics.  Every year or two she gives me a bundle of hand dyed fabrics and I use them for all sorts of things.  She even gives me the scraps that she uses to wipe out the buckets at the end of a dying session and you would be surprised how pretty some of those are!

 No prizes for guessing which ones belong to the boys!  I couldn't decide on a picture that looked "manly" enough!

This is tomorrow's (and probably Sunday and Monday's) sewing - twelve coordinating potholders to go with the aprons!
Well, it is nearly midnight and I have to be up early to send Fly Boy off on a week long Gliding Camp with the Air force cadets.  He leaves with his Dad at 5 to 6am!  Guitar Hero, who is definitely NOT a morning person is being collected at 8am by his friend to go on an EMPOWER YOU course and then when the Frequent Flyer, AKA my gorgeous husband gets home, he and I are going to hit the shops and blitz the Christmas shopping!  So now, to bed, to rest up for the coming day.
Happy stitching!

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