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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

To all my BLOG Land Buddies  - Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a lovely day and are spoilt rotten with lots of  lovely pressies and food and great company!
This is Fly Boy with the pink HOOT I made him after he jokingly asked for one, a pink one!  He wasn't expecting that!!!

 And for all my blogging buddies in colder climates I thought I would send you a bit of sunshine - this is where we will be spending most of our Christmas Day!  Having said that, I am terribly jealous of anyone celebrating with a white Christmas!
Maisy thinks Christmas is a good day for a nap after patrolling under the lunch table for scraps and extras!
And Snickers thinks any day is a good one to flake out on her favourite ottoman on my quilt - actually that is MY ottoman and my favourite chair but don't tell the DOG!!!
 And these are some of my goodies - a Quilting Calendar and mini Women's Wit calendar from my girlfriend in Connecticut, a pretty hand painted door stopper by my Mother-in-law, some butterfly cookie cutters from my sister-in-law, some silicone cup cake mould and a selection of cup cake papers that my lovely husband brought home from America, a Drunkards Path Template set and last but definitely not least SOME CHOCOLATE in the shape of a giant chocolate frog - MMMM  quilty things and chocolate does my husband know me or what!!!

 And of course desert - or one of them, Fly Boy wanted a Vienetta (for your overseas lady that is a vanilla ice cream and Chocolate confection from the supermarket), my husband and I chose a traditional sago plum pudding that I made - easy and yum!  and Guitar Hero chose a Vanilla Layer cake that we will all be eating for the next few days - but it is Christmas after all!!!
Enjoy everyone!  From my house to yours may Christmas Day be a happy day full of love and laughter, good food, great company and a few pressies too!

Till next time - Merry Christmas - I am off to have an after Christmas lunch rest and then maybe a little sewing........


  1. Wow! Christmas hasn't even arrived here yet and you've already been visited. Looks like a GREAT Christmas! I'm loving the swimming pool. I've been dreaming about one, but I don't think Santa's delivering one tonight!! Heavy sigh . . . maybe next year!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Christmas!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog....I just noticed....your profile pic is the same Chrissy decoration I got in a swap last year (except different colourings)....isn't that cool????
    I'm with you.....sunshine is nice but it would be nice to have a 'white' christmas, wouldn't it?? I've enjoyed my visit to your 'place'...will be back again soon!
    Sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  3. I'd love to be in that pool right about now, though!!! Wanna trade? Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by! I hope you come back!


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