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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No sewing but lots achieved all the same....

Well as I said in my last post I was settling down to an afternoon of bliss!  and it was too!  I didn't get any actual sewing done but I wasn't really expecting to.   What I have done is lost of preparation.  First I worked on these ornaments.  They will end up stuffed with a hanger from the top and a few will be embellished with buttons.  Most of the designs came from a book called "Peppermint and Holly Berries" by Art to Heart.  Once again, I love their books.

The candy canes, Christmas puddings and Christmas tree are my designs- we will see what they look like when they are completed!
This is going to be a Christmas gift for my three.four year old niece.  I have cut out the fabric but you have to wait till I have finished it before I show you any more.  I hope it works coz so far I quite like it!  I say a photo of a similar toy on another blog but they didn't way where the patter came from etc so I have made up my own with a few variations.
 The rest of these are gifts for friends - tea towels and one hand towel.  I wasn't sure how the hand towel would work but now I know I am happy with the results I will probably do more!

Tomorrow's job is some sewing.  I want to try and get the ornaments to the stage where I can sit and stuff them and do the last bits of hand stitching and embellishment at night in front of the TV and the Christmas Tree with my husband.  

I have to start doing some cooking too.  One batch of cookies every day - choc chip with red and green M&Ms today - shortbread tomorrow and the next day.  I have to make pavlovas next week - at least two for Monday and Wednesday.  I should make three but I don't think I can cope with three in three days - a bit much. 

How is your Christmas sewing and cooking going? 

Happy stitching,



  1. Wow! You are very productive even with the kids home from school!! I LOVE all of your applique work. I'm looking forward to seeing your niece's finished gift. It looks like it's going to be another WINNER!!! Great job!

  2. Love the hand towels..great ideia for a quick and unique gift.Well done...


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