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Monday, December 6, 2010

A little handmade Christmas

When I started to put the Christmas decorations up this week I got a surprise when I realised how many hand made things I have done over the years.  I thought I would take some photos and share some of them with you!
Firstly these are the Christmas stockings I made for my twin boys when they were about seven or eight years old.  I had so much fun doing them that I have decided that I will do some more next year for fun and wither sell them or give them away.

 My Mum and I did a whole bunch of these one year.  She sis the running stitch tree and I did the rest.  One went to each of my sisters and I am sure we did more but I can't remember who got them.  Another fun project.
 Another favourite project.  I must do more of these too.
 And I just love the message on this - "kisses under the mistletoad!"  I did a second one of these and sent it to my cousin who is frog mad! (well it takes all kinds!)
Now I can't take credit for this one.   This was actually a Christmas give from a girlfriend and it is all hand button hole stitched.  I love it so I thought it was worth sharing!
I had some other photos to show you but for some reason I can't upload them.  Maybe tomorrow night.  My quilt group is having out Christmas lunch here on Wednesday and I have so much to do before then.  I wont even start to write a list as it will scare me.  Wish me luck!

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