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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sharon's circle of friends

Years ago, before I joined the group, my quilt group, the Gumnut Quilters started making friendship quilts for everyone in the group.  They were done one at a time.  Someones name would be pulled out of a hat, then they would choose what they wanted and then we would all make the appropriate number of blocks in the appropriate style.  The last member to join, Sharon, is now getting her blocks.  Dear Sharon has had a tough few years with her health and that of her husband but last year was the worst with tragedy striking her family (not my story to tell) and she has really needed some TLC and support.  She had never really gotten around to making a final decision on what she wanted but we had a fairly good idea so a couple of the girls decided the time was right to go ahead and get started on something.  What we are making is a quilt medallion called a circle of friends.  This is my block.

 These are the others that have been completed so far.  Eventually all the rectangles will be cut into wedge shapes and all sewn together like a giant Dresden plate.  Then it will be up to Sharon to decide what she wants to do next and we can help her or she can do it solo.  We will be happy either way. 

 Don't you just love the hair on this one!  I think it is gorgeous!

Well, that is another thing I can tick off my list.  It has been a good week for finishing things!  Two mug rugs for a swap, a gift for an overseas friend - can't say more coz she reads my blog (Hi LaDonna!), blocks and something extra for my swap with Celia, and a journal cover for my God Daughter!  I hope next week is just as productive but somehow I doubt it as I have a busier week.  Oh well, at least I should get some things done.  Tomorrow I hope to finish hand sewing the binding on the scrappy red table runner i have been making and if I get that done I am going to sew together the quilt I started back here.  I had to put it aside to finish the quilts for Queensland and the auction and the new beginnings kits.  now I just want to get the quilt top finished so I can get it off my sewing table and move on to something else.  Oh dear, sew much to do and sew little time!

for now it is bedtime and for you ....Happy Stitching!


  1. I sure do read your blog! I am very curious about what you are sending me!

    I love how they all look so different! Do they look like the people who made them? The apron on your lady is a nice touch!


  2. I love the quilt blocks and I hope that when it is complete you can get a picture to post. I think Sharon will really like it. What a great group of friends!!

  3. That is so sweet of your sewing group to make Sharon's quilt. The dolls are so cute.


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