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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too much!

Too much!  Seems the best way to describe what is happening in North Queensland tonight!  It is just so hard to think of all those families bedding down tonight with all the uncertainty of what tonight and tomorrow will hold.  My heart goes out to them.

The good too much that happened today was from my girlfriend Glenda.  I told you that she was coming to meet my quilt group today and that she did and she bought me some gorgeous treats!
First some Irish quilting magazines!  I will enjoy having a good look thru them!

 Next some gorgeous Irish Celtic fabrics!  Wow!  I haven't seen anything like these before! I know she said she was looking out for some fabrics to bring me but WOW!  I didn't expect to see something so different from what I had seen before!
 This is fabulous - lots of Irish scenes!  I will have to google (or ask my friend) what all the places are!
The hardest task will be trying to work out what to do with them all.  I think I will have to live with them for a while and wait for inspiration to hit!

Back to Cyclone Yasi - I will be saying a prayer for all of you tonight.

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  1. What great fabrics! I've never seen anything like them before :)


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