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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge and more

It has been a busy day today.  My husband and I were out in the garage at 730 this morning enjoying the fresh cool weather and doing what is, hopefully the last of the sorting out and tidying up.  We are pretty much down to his boxes of  junk stuff and had to make some final decisions on keep or throw and re pack boxes.  95% done I would say! or as good as it is going to get til he is prepared to throw more stuff away!

After that it was time for breakfast, showers and then off out for a couple of errands and home for lunch.  As soon as lunch was over I got stuck into the hand sewing on the binding of my scrappy red table runner.  Yay!  No more nagging kids to get a coaster!

 My husband is holding it up for the photo and hiding behind it coz he is on his "house clothes".  really not necessary as my husband doesn't know how to do "slob" so he was really quite presentable!  I decided to give myself a bonus on the back of the table runner.  I fully intend to make myself a lovely appliqued Christmas table runner before next Christmas but just in case I don't get there I backed this one with Christmas fabrics - two runners for one seems a good deal to me!
 This shows the quilting - nothing fancy.  I really have to expand my quilting horizon!
 Once the runner was made, next came a double batch of choc chip cookies.  Some are for my girlfriend's daughters.  The older girl has just had her gall bladder out and the younger just had to farewell her boyfriend who is moving countries - at any age that is a small tragedy and this is the first love.....so sad.  A few chocolate chip cookies can be very therapeutic!
 I also finished machining the binding onto this quilt - completed under my instruction by a friend's daughter, Jessica.  I have done the machining and she will do the hand sewing.  I think it is really cute and a great effort for a first time.  I just wish my camera showed up the colours better.  If something on my blog looks bright in the photos you can bet it is ten times brighter in real life.  I don't know if that is the camera, the computer or the blog!
Anyway we have a couple of days of cooler weather forecast so I figured it was a good time to get the quilt to Jessica so she can get stuck into the binding before it heats up again!

Tonight my lovely husband is taking me out for dinner for Valentine's Day - - - -his idea - - -  yep he is a keeper.  so there won't be much more sewing happening here till tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get my Christmas quilt put together and off my desk!

Till next time......Happy Stitching!


  1. That's a lovely table runner...and you have the place just for it. I must make some table runners myself...
    I'm afraid no sewing today, just took 2 quilts to be quilted. Was intending to do a blog entry but didn't get there. Enjoy your Valentine dinner with your sweetheart...

  2. What a busy day! The table runner is fantastic, great idea to get two for the price of one

  3. Wow! Those chocolate chip cookies look yummy! Okay, back to quilting . . . the table runner turned out nicely and I agree that it was a great idea to get two looks for the price of one. Nice job! I think Jessica should be pleased with her first effort. Hopefully we have a new quilter among us.

  4. A great red table runner! And the cookies, hmmmm!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Beautiful runner and what a great idea to make the back in Christmas fabrics! That is wonderful that you are helping Jessica become a quilter and I hope you enjoy your Valentine's dinner with your hubby.

  6. Que bonito tu proyecto de sabado en rojo...y las galletas deliciosas...Feliz Sábado

    How beautiful your draft Saturday in red ... and delicious cookies ... Happy Saturday

  7. your runner looks awesome!!! ooh and so do those cookies!!!

    Quiltingly Yours

  8. WOW! Love your red table runner :) Great idea making it reversible so you can have it turned over for Christmas. Jessica's quilt looks so cute too.
    Clearing the garage is a task my DH and me need to get to once the weather warms up ;)
    Enjoy your Valentine's Dinner :)

  9. I agree with all the other comments! I love your green walls! And Maisy is so cute peeking around!


  10. I love how the table runner turned out. Great job. I think I could use some of those cookies!

  11. What a great table runner! So fun that you used xmas fabrics on the back. What a great way to get double mileage out of the fabrics and the project. The cookies look SO good, I may have to pop a batch in now that you have my taste buds working overtime.

  12. Great job on the tablerunner...and already finished!

  13. What a wonderful table runner. And those cookies look mighty yummie.

  14. Your table runner turned out nice, how clever to make it two-sided.


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