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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Rosie Red Scrappy Saturday

It has been a busy rosie red scrappy Saturday.  So far today I have made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies - haven't cooked them yet but they are all rolled and ready to go.  Fly Boy has invited a bunch of his teenage friends from youth Group over for a movie marathon. This is the first time he has let my husband and I meet them so I am delighted to have them here.   They arrived at midday and are staying till ten pm.....and they are watching Disney Movies - Mulan, Alladin, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book and Peter Pan - how cute - they are all around 15 years old.  So far there are nine of them - four boys and five girls - there is one more boy to come a bit later I think.  They are all friends from my son's youth group and .  The chocolate chip cookies are to cook later in the evening  around 830 so they can eat them hot from the oven.  We are giving them sausages and pizza for dinner and pavlova and apple crumble for desert as well.  I have made two apple crumbles, one for tonight and a smaller one for a friend who is having a tough time.

I am hoping that now that the movies have started I will get a bit of peace - I may be optimistic but who knows.  They have drinks and munchies and the girls seem pretty sensible......wish me luck

In the mean time I am madly sewing red things

 red flowers
and red pin wheels

And this is where I am at so far with the red and blue blocks that I have sewn

The disappearing 9 patch aren't all laid out properly.  I did them in a hurry and some of the blocks need to be rotated but I didn't realise till I took the photo. 
 These look good together but I am thinking that I will make more red and white and keep them separate from the others as they remind me of Christmas peppermints (which we don't get in Australia but which I love anyway!)  The joys of a design wall - I can see them all laid out and make a decision.
Well,  movie night is almost over and the kids have had a ball and so have I.  Lovely kids.  But I am really ready for some peace!  They are so LOUD!!!

My gorgeous hubby and I are off the see "Yogi Bear" the movie tomorrow (what can I say - I am a kid at heart!) and then home - hopefully some more sewing then.
 I have to go and start getting kids to gather their things and greet collecting parents!
Till next time, Happy stitching 


  1. Wow - you are one productive lady! You know I love your flower blocks.

  2. Your red a blue quilt block combinations are looking great. The kids look like they are having fun at their movie night. I see they like your quilts too.

  3. Wow, lots of beautiful things, really love the red flowers.

  4. I love how your red projects are turning out. Great job!!

  5. Wow look at all that red and blue - gorgeous! Love those red flower blocks.

  6. Hi Cherry Red, just found your blog from Donna's Lanender Nest, and joined your Follow List. Red is my favorite color, had to check you out. Love the blocks you just posted, they are so fresh looking. DNP is one of my go to quilts, and I use it a lot in my baby quilts.

    I am a new blogger, hope you will take a look at me.

  7. I love the pinwheels...actually everything...

  8. Wow you had alot on your plate. I miss thoughs days with my son. Your blocks are just awesome. Maybe you should come over I could use some help getting some projests done. You are super fast. One thing I did not know that you can not get peppermint. If you will e-mail your address I will send you some right away.

  9. I like all your projects, but the flowers are my favorites.

  10. They look like a great bunch of i) kids and ii) quilt blocks. Wish I had a design wall- all I have is a design floor! LOL!

  11. Lots of fun going on at your house...sewing and socializing! Love all your blocks!

  12. I love the way your flowers are turning out.

  13. One very busy lady... love those flower blocks... may I ask where you found the pattern and how big are the blocks xxx


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