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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Women's Refuge Quilts Done!

The Women's refuge quilts that the Gumnuts have been working on are finally completed and on their way.  In addition to dozen we had planned on (which turned into 14) we also had these little ones.  These were little quilt tops that Jennie, the lovely warrant officer's wife from Aussie Heroes fame gave me.   They were ones from years ago and she knew we would finish them off for a good cause.  
By "we" in the case I mean Andrea who quilted and bound them all and here they are ready to be given to young mums for little babies - for nappy changes and tummy time all those things that Mums of young ones need.

Then there are the 13 Women's refuge quilts.  This one was a UFO someone donated to the group.  All that work with the hexagons and they didn't want to finish it off.

What a great use of the hydrangea fabric.

This, believe it or not was donated all ready to be bound!  So much work in it and beautifully quilted too.

These were a mystery - a bunch of large half square triangles and leftover squares but the end result is pretty.

Same with this one!

A few leftover blocks and another quilt!

This was a trial run.  I got as far as the star blocks on the blue grey background and didn't like it at the time but it looks okay now.  

This wasn't a UFO but fabric that was "just sitting there" and has now been put to good use.

More fabric that needed to be used up.  Cute huh!

Two great I Spy quilts both with 6 1/2" squares but isn't it interesting how the different sashings change the look of the quilts.  Plain yellow with red cornerstones which really stand out and 

I Spy sashing with blue cornerstones - much more subtle.

I love this one.  This is leftover bits from a quilt one of the other girls made and she gave me the scraps. I fussy cut lots of the cute pictures out and then proceeded to add random strips of various colours to the fussy cut pieces until they made up to 6 1/2".  Then one of the Gumnuts, Del, put them together.  What a lot of fun and an great use of scraps even if I do say so myself.

Now this was a fluke. The Picture of the left shows the recycled curtain backing - soft peachy colours and cute little details added to disappearing nine patch blocks and solid blocks on the front.  Really cute.

And finally - more curtain fabric that just didn't need cutting up makes a lovely little child's quilt.

Only a simple label needed with our trademark Gumnut drawn by Glenys.

Now this quilt is also completed but this one is for a raffle for next Mother's Day with a matching pillowcase and cushion.  Nothing like being well organised!

Till next time..................happy stitching!


  1. Wow!what a lot of work!!! Good job!!!!

  2. Quilters are such fabulous folk. All the quilts are gorgeous and I am sure they will be loved.
    Love the Early Mother's Day Quilt..

  3. Jan-Maree I just don't know how you find the time to do all you do... do you sleep do your ladies sleep???? wonderful quilts xxx

  4. What beautiful quilts! Congrats to you and your group for all that you do for good causes!


  5. Terrific Jan-Maree! That is a lot of quilts and a lot of heart.

  6. Oh i'm so thrilled those quilt tops got used. I'm not kidding, they were from over 8 years ago, i made them when i had my 4th baby. Such happy memories, ecstatic they are going to people who need them. Love Posie

  7. What a group of lovely fun quilts. My favorite kind, the homey ones that are meant to be used and loved.


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