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Friday, October 22, 2010

what is to come

I have lots of plans for Cherry Red Quilter but I just need time.  Firstly, when my husband bought me a new laptop everything but my photos was transfered to the new one and I am still waiting for the photos.  Hence i cannot put them on the blog but that will come.  In the mean time I will photograph some the the recent projects.  This week my two sons have been away on school camp  - oh the luxury of the extra time,  I have finished a quilt for one of my besties for her Kris Kringle present and I have also all-but-finished an appliqued apron and matching pot holders made from Kaffe Fasset facbric for my Kris Kringle recipient in my Quilt Group. 

I have spent tonight sewing the binding on the quilt but oh my aching hands - the joys of arthritus which has made its presence felt just last year.  Because the the blased arthritus I am finshing off as many UFO's, particularly any involving hand sewing, as soon as I can - just in case I can't in the future.  I won't be starting any new hand work if I can help it.

Current projects include a 1930's hexagon flower quilt, a dresden flower quilt with 1930's dresden flowers to be sewn on Kaffe Fasset's solids and a 6' x 8' quilt called "Chanticleer and Company" which is basically a 28 block quilt - each block a different appliqued chicken - thank goodness I decided to go with iron on applique when I started it about TEN years ago.

Hopefully tomorrow my husband will put all my photos onto a USB and I will finally be able to put them on this computer.  Till then, happy sewing blog buddies (yes I know there are none of you yet but I am sure there will be one day and until then I will just talk to myself!)

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